WhatsApp Is Rolling Out New Features In 2020

WhatsApp Is Rolling Out New Features In 2020

Instant messaging client, WhatsApp continually works to update and bring exciting features for iOS users in the version 2.20.10.

The latest version of the Facebook-owned messaging app has been compiled using the iOS13 SDK, which basically means that the app will now start supporting iOS 13 features.

The features will be available in the app’s next version on Apple’s App Store.

Dark Mode Feature: The dark mode has been one highly awaited upcoming WhatsApp features. It has been in the development for months now but doesn’t seem to be ready for prime time. This feature has already made its way to Gmail, Twitter and YouTube, and WhatsApp is expected to get this feature in 2020. The dark mode will turn the text to white and the background to black colour.

Face Unlock: Facebook-owned app WhatsApp had improved the security of the platform by introducing fingerprint authentication in 2019 and working on to bring face-unlock for WhatsApp in 2020. The feature will work similarly as the face-unlock on smartphones.

Contact Integration: According to the blog post, this feature will let users share items directly with some suggested WhatsApp contacts using the new iOS share sheet. When a user is trying to share a media file, a document or a contact through their Apple device, an automatic suggestion of users’ top WhatsApp contacts will pop up, for sharing files.

Low Data Mode: Low data mode is a fresh update for iOS users. Earlier, the low data usage feature was only available during WhatsApp calls, but now it has integrated the feature on the app itself. This feature will reduce the amount of instant messaging app’s network data usage.

Last Seen Feature: This will allow WhatsApp users to select their choice of contacts who can see their Last seen on WhatsApp.

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