OnePlus reveals new visual identity to improve brand recognizability

OnePlus reveals new visual identity to improve brand recognizability

OnePlus has announced to completely updating its brand visual identity (VI) with the new logo, which will be the first changes ever since the company was founded in 2013. The company is not changing too far from its previous design, it is making a few changes to make it stand out, Chinese smartphone brand co-founder Pete Lau shared a blog post on the company’s forums.

The logo introduces a new curvilinear “1” that is easier to read while adjusting the weight of the logotype for better overall balance. The “+” in the surrounding box has also been enlarged and is now more prominent, in a nod to the OnePlus community, which has played a key role in the company’s ongoing success.

The refreshed logo creates a clearer association between the symbol and the trademark, while also allowing for more flexible application and improved recognizability in digital media.

The visual identity is accompanied by a fresh colour palette which centres on OnePlus’s iconic red, followed by an updated secondary palette of cyan, green, magenta, indigo, and yellow to make the company’s design and assets more vibrant and lively. A new font also improves legibility and is easier on the eyes.

OnePlus adds that a joint team of in-house creatives and an external agency collaborated over seven months to bring the refreshed brand identity to life. It adds, “The goal was to unify all interaction with OnePlus, not just communications, but also the experience of using OnePlus’ products and services across all touchpoints.”

“No detail is too small. By starting from thousands of user data points, the team arrived at a new holistic visual language inspired by OnePlus’ burdenless philosophy,” said Global Creative Director at OnePlus, Mats Hakansson. “OnePlus has grown a lot from an idea to a major smartphone player. Introducing a fresh new look is just one example of how we continue to bring our ‘Never Settle’ mantra to life.”

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