Airtel And Jio Launch Free WiFi Calling On All Broadband Networks

Airtel And Jio Launch Free WiFi Calling On All Broadband Networks

Reliance Jio has launched its WiFi calling service for both voice and video calls over a WiFi service. This feature from Jio comes right after rival Airtel launched a similar service in Delhi-NCR for its users.

Airtel says its WiFi calling service will now work on any broadband network as it was previously limited to just on phones that have Airtel broadband. Reliance Jio WiFi calling feature is supported by around 150 handsets and through all WiFi calling networks on pan-India basis right at the launch.

Airtel crossed one million users mark on the newly launched Wi-Fi Calling service while competitor Reliance Jio has just entered the segment. WiFi calling feature will be without any extra cost for making calls, whereas calling charges will be applied for international calls.

“We are delighted with the extremely positive customer response for Airtel Wi-Fi Calling. The technology has truly transformed the indoor network quality for Airtel mobile customers, particularly in high population density areas in urban markets. Airtel is also the first to make the service LIVE across India and our customers can use the feature on any Wi-Fi,” Bharti Airtel CTO Randeep Sekhon said.

“At this juncture, when an average Jio consumer uses over 900 minutes of voice calls every month, and at a growing base of consumers, the launch of Jio Wi-Fi Calling will further enhance every Jio consumer’s voice-calling experience, which is already a benchmark for the industry with India’s-first all VoLTE network,” Reliance Jio Director Akash Ambani said.

Airtel or Jio users have a phone that is compatible with Wi-Fi calling, may have to update its software to the latest one that is available from the phone maker. Airtel customers can head over to to check whether their device has support for Airtel Wi-Fi Calling or not.

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