Rajinikanth Will Focus To Have Youngsters, Former Judges and IAS in His Political Party

Rajinikanth Will Focus To Have Youngsters, Former Judges and IAS in His Political Party

Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth held a press conference in Chennai on Thursday about to launch of a regional political party in the state to herald a new era in Tamil politics.

Rajinikanth said he never wished of becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and he just wanted a change in politics. Explaining about his party, he is going to form a party in which the government and party heads will be different and work separately.

Rajinikanth had announced her entry into politics at her first official press conference on 31 December 2017.

“Since 2017, I have been saying I do not want to be the chief ministerial candidate. This announcement is not a publicity stunt,” he said.

Rajinikanth said, “there were two big players of Tamil Nadu politics, one was Jayalalithaa and the other was M Karunanidhi. People voted for both but after them, there is a vacuum and we have to start a new movement to bring change.”

Rajinikanth will eliminate such unnecessary posts in the party, which are necessary at the time of the election, but the rest of the time becomes the reason for increasing corruption. Because people in such positions are given tenders and contracts in exchange for their services.

He said that his party would focus 65 per cent posts will be for the youngsters in the age group of below 45 years, well-educated people with the good image while the rest of the posts will be for former judges, former IAS officers and people like these, who will have previous record and passion of social service.

“Tamil Nadu had ushered in changes on several fronts. It was here that Mahatma Gandhi decided to opt for wearing minimal clothes. It was here where Subash Chandra Bose asked 100 youngsters to join him and he would drive away to the British. When Congress was ruling several states in the country, it was Tamil Nadu that brought a regional party to power. I want TN to be at the forefront of change once again. I want it to spread across India,” Times Of India quoted Rajinikanth as saying.

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