Indian Army considering a proposal to allow civilians in force for 3 years ‘Tour of Duty’

Indian Army considering a proposal to allow civilians in force for 3 years ‘Tour of Duty’

The Indian Army is considering a proposal to encourage common people to undertake Tour of Duty (ToD) for three years.

“There is a proposal under consideration that common citizens should be given a three-year ToD in force to serve the country,” Indian Army sources told ANI.

According to the print media, the Indian Army is considering two separate recruitment models. One in which young people will voluntarily serve in the Army for a conditional duration of three years, and the other in which they are recruited by the National Armed Police Forces (CAPFs), trained and deployed in the Army for around seven years.

The ToD will be “three years of short service,” with a pilot project for both officers and jawans, and for a small number of vacancies. The concept is planned to be checked on around 100 officers and 1,000 jawans in the first place. They will be trained in the first year of the three-year cycle.

The Short Service Commission is also in the process of updating the force’s top brass to make it more appealing to young people, according to ANI.

The Indian Army has been facing a shortage of officers for several years now and needs to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Earlier, the Short Service Commission began with a minimum service of five years, but then it was extended to 10 years to make it more attractive.

If authorized by the government, the Navy and the Air Force may also be required to do so.

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