Brad Pitt Played Dr Anthony Fauci On “SNL at Home”

Brad Pitt Played Dr Anthony Fauci On “SNL at Home”

Brad Pitt represented and paid tribute to Dr Anthony Fauci for the new episode of Saturday Night Live at Home.

SNL, which turned into “SNL At Home” as the cast films of their sketches remotely, opened this week to Pitt sitting at the desk in a suit and a wig. Fauci, of course, is the founder of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a well-known voice of reason for the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“Good evening. I’m Dr. Anthony Fauci. First of all, I would like to thank all the elderly women in America who sent me helpful, encouraging, and even graphic emails,” he said.

He then told the crowd that President Trump had “taken some freedoms with our instructions” and checked the details of what the President had said, beginning with a Trump clip stating that vaccinations were coming early.

“Relatively early is a fascinating process. Relative to the entire history of the Earth? Sure. It’s going to come quickly,” Pitt said.

“But if you were to tell a friend you’d be over really soon, and you turned up a year and a half later, well, your friend would be pretty pissed off.”

On Trump’s suggestion that the virus is going to disappear like a “miracle,” Pitt said, “A miracle would be fantastic, who doesn’t love miracles? But a miracle shouldn’t be Plan A.” In response to some of Trump’s comments, Pitt clearly looked disbelieving, and at one point full of facepalming.

“I know I’m not supposed to touch my nose, but …” he said.

The bit took a touching turn when Pitt removed his wig and went back to his own voice.

“And to the real Dr Fauci, thank you for your composure and your consistency in this unnerving moment. Thank you to the medical staff, the first responders, and their families for being on the front line,” Pitt said.

In order to make the sketch even more beautiful, Pitt is actually the person that Fauci wants to represent on the SNL.

In a recent appearance on CNN, Fauci was asked who was expected to play him on SNL — Ben Stiller or Brad Pitt.

“Oh, of course, Brad Pitt!” he said.


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