Google Fi expands data limit to 30GB and grace period for billing

Google Fi expands data limit to 30GB and grace period for billing

Google Fi expanded data limit to 30GB without any extra charge to keep customers connected during the coronavirus crisis as people are staying home, either working or studying.

The customers’ will get 30GB for Both Flexible and Unlimited Google Fi Plans. Flexible plan users have 15GB of high-speed 4G LTE data normally before it’s reduced to 256kbps. Now customers will get 30GB full-speed data in Flexible plan that is 100% bonus data.

In Unlimited plan users have 22GB of high-speed LTE, the bonus will be smaller. Customers will get an increase of 8GB of additional data, which is about 35%. After consuming the 30GB high-speed data, customers will be able to add additional data at the usual $10/GB price and charges will add in the billing cycle.

“We understand you may be using more data during this time, and to help with this, Google Fi is temporarily increasing its limits for full-speed data to 30GB per user, for both Flexible and Unlimited Plans. After you reach 30GB, you can choose to return to full-speed data for an additional $10/GB for the rest of your billing cycle,” Google said in the Fi support forum.

Google Fi is extending the payment grace period to 60 days to customer if they have missed the billing date. During this time customers will maintain full-service, Fi customers who are having trouble with their bills can stay connected. It will help to customers that have lost income during this crisis.

Cellular carriers in the US are committing to give more data to subscribers and relax their billing practices so people can focus on more important things.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai released a letter on 13 March, to encourage broadband and telephone service providers to promote connectivity for Americans impacted by the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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