Apple, Google Crack Down on Coronavirus Apps

Apple, Google Crack Down on Coronavirus Apps

Both Apple and Google have begun taking action on fake mischievous apps to fight new coronavirus-related misinformation on their app stores, according to a new report from CNBC.

Apple is removing all coronavirus-related apps submitted by iOS app developers who are not affiliated from recognized health organizations or the government.
Google Play, on the other hand, is blocking all searches for coronavirus, though it’s not clear if it’s completely blocking app approvals, as well.

Apple is manually evaluating new coronavirus-related apps, looking at both who the developers are and where they got their data from. Some independent developers that use public data from reliable sources like the World Health Organization (WHO) to create dashboards or live maps, data are being rejected because they’re not recognized health institutions.

Apple App Store show few apps related to the “COVID 19” is a “virus tracker” app from a developer called Healthlynked with WHO figures and maps charting where confirmed cases have been.

A search on Google Play, by contrast, shows “no results found for ‘coronavirus’.” It has published a website called “Coronavirus: Stay informed” with suggested apps, including software from the CDC, Red Cross, and Twitter.

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