Police Arrested Amulya Charged With Sedition For Pro-Pak Slogan

Police Arrested Amulya Charged With Sedition For Pro-Pak Slogan

During an anti-CAA rally in Bengaluru, on Thursday, a young girl named Amulya created a controversy by unexpectedly raised ‘Pak* Zindabad’ slogan during her address to the gathering.

Police took cognizance of the slogan of 19-year-old student Amulya Leona at the anti-CAA rally held at Freedom Park. Police snatched Mike from Amulya’s hand and charged her with treason under Section 124A (anti-sedition) and Sections 153A and 153B of the Indian Penal Code. According to the police, she tried to spread hatred among the people of the country.

At the rally, Amulya started shouting slogans of ‘Pak* Zindabad’ as soon as Mike came in hand. On hearing this, rally organizer and star speaker AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi ran towards Amulya to snatch the mic. At the time of the slogans, Owaisi was getting off the stage to go to the Namaz.

DCP West B. Ramesh said, “After the formalities are completed, we will present Amulya before the Judicial Magistrate.” Treason has been filed on Amulya.

Owaisi also said, “I tell the organizers not to invite such people to their rally. I was going to recite the prayers. Then I heard this lady shouted this slogan. I did not stop and came here If I hadn’t been that woman, what would I have done. Now the opportunity has got to the BJP. Now tomorrow they will speak, the slogan was uttered at the Owaisi rally.”

Vojald, the father of Amulya Leona Noronha, who lives in Chickmagalur has said that he was shocked by his daughter’s conduct adding, “Let her rot in jail. I don’t mind if the police break her bones, I don’t support what she said and I will not approach lawyers for her bail. She has committed a grave mistake.”

Behind such slogans, Amulya’s cleanliness is found on his social media page, where he has written ‘Hindustan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, China and Bhutan Zindabad’. Amulya wrote on the page, “I do not become a part of any nation just because I am raising the slogan of Zindabad in her name. According to the law, I am an Indian citizen. Honouring my country and the people of the country It is my duty to work for. I will do that. We should see what these RSS people will do. Sanghis will get upset by this. You keep making comments. What I have to say, I and Speak. “

From BJP national organizing secretary BL Santosh, former minister Anant Hegde, MP Shobha Karandalje and Karnataka minister CT Ravi, all organizations associated with the BJP have piled statements against the anti-CAA protesters. Many of them called him a traitor and some said that this is an attempt by Pakistan supporters to spread unrest in India.

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