Indian Sikh Couple Providing Free Meals to Victims Of Australia Bushfires

Melbourne: An Indian couple is providing free meals from their restaurant to those affected by the devastating bushfires in the state of Victoria, one of the worst-hit.

Australian bushfires have caused more than 480 million deaths of animals, birds, mammals and reptiles in Southern Australia. Thousands of people have been evacuated from the east coast of Australia devastated by forest fires in recent days.

Kanwaljeet Singh, along with his wife Kamaljit Kaur and their staff have been preparing simple meals of curry and rice for the victims in their Desi Grill restaurant in Bairnsdale in the state Victoria for the last five days as the bushfire crisis in the country worsened.

Meal handed out by Melbourne-based charity Sikh Volunteers Australia to those living in temporary shelter.

The couple, who migrated to Australia over a decade ago, was earlier providing raw materials to Sikh volunteers in the area to prepare food for the affected people but later started preparing it in their restaurant.

The restaurant can cook for up to 1,000 people and has maintained a large amount of rice, flour and lentils which were sufficient for the next week to serve food in relief camps.

“The situation is bad. Initially, there was less fire in the area, later it expanded. People have lost their lives, houses, farms and animals. We are providing proper meals of curry and rice. We distribute the food at the relief centres as well as give to those who come to our restaurant asking for it,” Kaur said.

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